クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他









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Producer note: Lalou Bize-Leroy was away at the time of my visit and thus I don't have the benefit of her reflections on the 2015 vintage. I was greeted instead by Gilles Desprez who ably conducted the tasting. He didn't have a lot of details but did note that fruit was harvested between the 2nd and 8th of September and that the wines were bottled in December 2016. As the commentaries and ratings indisputably confirm, Mme Leroy has produced superb wines that without question transcend the general quality of the vintage. What I particularly like about the Leroy 2015s is that they reflect the high ripeness level of the vintage while maintaining excellent freshness and verve, something that is not always the case.
(Martine's Wines, www.martineswines.com, CA, USA; Justerini & Brooks, www.justerini.com, John Armit, www.armit.co.uk, Howard Ripley, www.howardripley.com, FINE+RARE Wines Ltd, www.frw.co.uk, UK and Lay & Wheeler, www.laywheeler.com, all UK).

Tasting note: A super-fresh nose combines notes of a lovely variety of floral and red berry scents with those of warm earth, humus, underbrush and a wisp of spice. There is excellent volume and first-rate power to the imposingly-scaled flavors that possess a surprisingly sleek mid-palate mouthfeel that contrasts considerably with the robust, structured and youthfully austere finish that also delivers stunning length. Once again though make no mistake, this is a bad boy that's going to need plenty of cellar time; indeed it is what I call a 'buy and forget you own it' wine.

Tasted: Jan 15, 2018
Drink: 2040+
Note: from 3 separate parcels situated in each of the 3 levels, e.g. upper, middle and lower


NameClos de Vougeot Grand Cru Domaine Leroy
RegionFrance/Bourgogne/Cotes de Nuits/Vougeot/Clos Vougeot
WA-/Issue -
WS-/Issue -



クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他!

クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他

クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他

クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他

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クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他

クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他

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クロ ド ヴージョ クリュ[2015] ドメーヌ ルロワ(赤ワイン)[tp][S] グラン-その他

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